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IGET flavours blog

All IGET Flavours You Shouldn’t Miss

About IGET Flavours

With so many types of vapes on the market, why does the IGET stand out? The reason lies in its ability to give users the most authentic taste experience. Mouth-watering fruit flavours, special flavours that bring a novel experience, classic cola flavours, etc., every flavour of IGET Vape AUS will always make you feel fresh and new.

Today, we’ve rounded up all IGET Vape flavours. Hurry up and check if there’s anything you like!

What Flavours Does IGET Have?

Strawberry flavours          ✅ Mango flavours

✅ Lemon flavours                  ✅ Passion fruit flavours

✅ Waterlemon flavours         ✅ Blueberry flavours

✅ Grape flavours                   ✅Kiwi flavours 

✅ Blackberry flavours           ✅Apple flavours

✅ Cherry flavours                  ✅ Raspberry flavours

✅ Peach flavours                   ✅ Banana flavours

✅ Orange flavours                 ✅ Melon flavours

✅ Pineapple flavours

Blog About IGET Vape Review

The following articles on flavours will be of great help to you. Click to keep reading and find the best flavour to enhance your next vaping experience.


What is the best flavour of IGET Bar?

Strawberry Watermelon Ice is one of the most popular flavours of the IGET Bar.

What is the most popular flavour of IGET Legend?

Blackberry Ice is the most popular flavour of IGET Legend.

How many flavours of IGET Bar are there?

IGET Bar offers 30 flavour options to choose from.

Does the IGET Bar 3500 have nicotine?

IGET Bar 3500 has 2 nicotine content options: 5% and zero nicotine.

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