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banana IGET Legend flavours review

Banana IGET Legend Flavours Review: 2 Best Tropical Blend

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If you want an authentic fruit flavour of vapes, the Banana IGET Legend Collection has got you covered! Capturing the aroma of sweet bananas and harmoniously paired with ripe mangos, it is a perfect all-day vape that will bring your palate to a tropical paradise.

Below are 2 desirable banana IGET Legend flavours for you:

  1. Mango Banana Melon
  2. Mango Banana Ice

Both options have their distinct allure. Keep reading to check the detailed review and pick one to appease your taste buds!


With more than 23 flavour options, IGET 4000 puff flavours never disappoint any flavour-chaser, and its banana flavours are no different.

We are amazed at the lusciousness of ripe bananas and tangy mangos, with just the right amount of coolness to make it a real treat for all vapers. When you inhale it, it feels like the stretchy, fruity vapour taking you to an exotic beach party. You can’t help but take another puff.

Let’s dive into the tantalizing world of banana IGET Legend flavours without further ado.

2 Tempting Banana IGET Legend Flavours

#1 Mango Banana Melon

IGET Legend mango banana melon
IGET Legend mango banana melon
  • Sweetness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Coolness: ⭐⭐
  • Richness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The right mix of three ripe, sweet fruits gives you an unparalleled experience but not cloying sweetness. You will experience a delightful fusion of silky bananas, juicy melons, and sweet-tart mangos. Pure pleasure in every bite makes you eager for more.

It is an ideal option for those seeking less density from their vapes since it easily allows you to distinguish its flavours without getting subdued in harsh throat hits.

What could be better than this vape that takes you on a tropical fruit feast?

#2 Mango Banana Ice

IGET Legend mango banana ice
IGET Legend mango banana ice
  • Sweetness: ⭐⭐
  • Coolness: ⭐⭐⭐
  • Richness: ⭐⭐⭐

If you are a banana lover looking for coolness rather than sweetness, this Mango Banana Ice is your best bet. The near-perfect balance of mangos and bananas is meticulously crafted to ensure an extraordinary taste sensation, while the mint gives it a nice cooling effect.

Expect a fizz on the tip of your tongue as you inhale. The refreshing, sweet taste will leave you indulging in the tropical fruit mix.

This option reduces the sweetness and adds a cooler texture for a stronger throat hit, making it great for experienced smokers.


IGET is always known for its diverse, soothing flavours that fill you with a sense of well-being, and its banana IGET Legend flavours will never let you down, either.

The aroma of sweet banana blends a trip of tropical fruits to create an exciting and exotic flavour mix. The luscious flavours dance on your tongue and linger long after the clouds have cleared, making you feel like you are in a fruit paradise. We highly recommend all banana lovers give it a try.

Check IGET Vape official website to get your favourite now.


What is the best banana vape?

IGET Legend Mango Banana Melon is a popular option for most vapers. Find more banana IGET Vape flavours if you want more choices.

How long does IGET Legend last?

IGET Legend offers an astounding 4000 puffs, typically lasting 2 weeks or more.

How much nicotine is in a legend vape?

With 5% and zero nicotine options, IGET Legend will satisfy vapers’ cravings for different nicotine levels.

How many cigarettes are equal to the IGET Legend?

IGET Legend features a capacity of 12ml e-liquid, making it approximately equivalent to 300-600 cigarettes.

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