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Do IGET Megas Have Nicotine?

I want to try IGET Mega lately. I'd like to know the nicotine concentration before I buy it. Can anyone answer my question about it?

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James M Mannino
James M Mannino

Answered on October 30, 2023

IGET Mega’s nicotine percentage is 5%, standard for many e-cigarettes on the market.

Because nicotine is extremely addictive, many smokers who want to quit turn to e-cigarettes. Why? That’s because every impressive puff you inhale brings the vapour and taste close to that of a cigarette, relieving your cravings for nicotine and leading to less frequent puffing. Also, e-cigarettes allow you to save it for the next time you want to enjoy it, rather than pushing you to finish it as soon as possible like a burning cigarette.

But we still recommend each user use them in moderation!

Suppose the IGET Mega that contains a 5% nicotine concentration isn’t your type. Don’t worry because IGET Vape also offers many nicotine-free IGET Vapes for you to choose from!

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