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How Many Cigarettes In A IGET Bar?

Hey there! So, I'm a smoker who's trying to quit the traditional tobacco after puffing on it for a decade. I'm curious about IGET Bar e-cigarettes, and I'm wondering how many cigarettes one IGET Bar equals. I know it can differ from person to person based on their smoking habits, but still, I'd love to have a rough idea. Can you help me out?

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James M Mannino
James M Mannino

Answered on September 28, 2023

The IGET Bar’s cigarette equivalency can be determined using two different methods:

  1. Based on puff estimates: A cigarette is typically equivalent to around 10 puffs. Given this, the IGET Bar is estimated to be equivalent to about 350 cigarettes.
  2. Based on nicotine content: Research from the Western Australian Department of Health suggests the nicotine content in one IGET Bar Vape might be similar to that of 200 cigarettes.

In essence, depending on the method used, the IGET Bar can be considered equivalent to either 350 or 200 cigarettes. Always consult a healthcare professional for advice on tobacco alternatives.

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