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How Many Puffs Are In IGET XXL?

I'm not sure how many puffs are in an IGET XXL. Additionally, I am accustomed to smoking, so I am unsure of how long will an IGET XXL last comparing to cigarettes.

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James M Mannino
James M Mannino

Answered on July 6, 2023

IGET XXL offers 1800 puffs and 7ml of e-liquid, each IGET Vape XXL stands as a paragon of endurance and capacity. Yet, as with all good things, its longevity hinges upon certain factors.

Typically, an IGET XXL lasts between 3 to 4 days. However, this can fluctuate depending on personal usage patterns and vaping habits. There are a few key variables to keep in mind:

Firstly, the duration and intensity of each puff play pivotal roles. If you’re the type to take shorter, more conservative draws, you’ll enjoy a higher puff count compared to a vaper who leans towards longer, more robust drags. For instance, an IGET XXL could last around three days if you partake in 600 puffs daily. Conversely, if you’re a more infrequent vaper, say around 300 puffs a day, you can expect your IGET XXL to last twice as long.

Secondly, your personal vaping habits matter. If you’re someone who finds it hard to set aside their vape, the chances are that your e-liquid might deplete faster than expected.

Lastly, consider the nicotine content. The IGET XXL contains 5% nicotine. If that falls short of your usual nicotine intake, you might find yourself vaping more frequently to achieve the desired hit.

All in all, the IGET XXL disposable vape stands as an attractive proposition for those seeking a blend of portability, convenience, and longevity, providing significant bang for your buck.

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