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How Much Nicotine In IGET XXL?

I want to learn more about the nicotine content of IGET XXL. Additionally, I'm curious about how the nicotine content affects the flavour of IGET Vape XXL.

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James M Mannino
James M Mannino

Answered on July 5, 2023

The IGET Vape XXL comes in two varieties: one with a nicotine level of 5% (50 mg/ml), and a nicotine-free option, IGET XXL with 0%.

Nicotine in vaping can be harmful, especially for vulnerable groups. A 5% nicotine level is best for new vapers, but it can lead to addiction and increase smoking rates in adulthood if exposed during adolescence. Prenatal nicotine exposure can also cause long-term health problems.

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