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Is your IGET Legend not working

Is Your IGET Legend Not Working? 7 Faults and Easy Solutions

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Hey, have you ever had any problems with your IGET Legend? Maybe it’s not working or flashing lights when you’re trying to vape? As a five-year vaping expert, I’ve got some easy solutions to help you solve these issues!

Here are some common reasons why your Legend vape may not be working:

  • Damaged mouthpiece/airflow
  • Damage heating system
  • E-liquid depletion or leakage
  • Battery power is exhausted
  • Clogged e-liquid hole
  • Vape overheating
  • Buy a fake IGET Legend

If you want to learn more details about solutions for IGET Legend not working, then keep reading this article!


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The IGET Legend Vapes series by IGET has received widespread acclaim for providing vapers with a satisfying vaping experience featuring rich flavours. However, it is not uncommon for IGET Legend Vape devices to experience malfunctions.

To address this issue, the IGET Vape Australia shop has conducted multiple tests to determine the root cause of the IGET Legend not working.

By reading this article, you can benefit from the initial investigations conducted, solve the problem of IGET Vape not working and enjoy uninterrupted vaping experiences with your Legend Vapes.

IGET Legend Not Working – How It Work?

If you’re trying to figure out why your IGET Legend vape isn’t working, it’s important to understand how it works first. Only by knowing each step of the vape’s working process can you determine the root cause of the problem and apply the right solution.

IGET Legend not working how it work

The IGET Vape Legend is made up of five major components:

  • Mouthpiece
  • E-liquid tank
  • Atomizer
  • Battery
  • Airflow

Any issues with any of these parts can cause the Legend vapes to malfunction. Here’s how the Legend 4000 works:

  1. When you begin vaping, air enters the airflow and passes through the heating system.
  2. The coil is activated by the air, which heats the e-liquid.
  3. As the e-liquid evaporates, the resulting vapour enters your mouth.
  4. The nicotine in the vapour creates a sharp and punchy vaping experience as it hits your throat.
  5. At the same time, the evaporated vapour produces a cloud around you.

Above all are the basics of how Legend IGET works. If your IGET Legend not working, there must be a problem with one or more parts of the unit.

By inspecting all units one by one, you would soon discover the reason why IGET Legend not working.

IGET Legend Not Working – Why It happen?

Damaged mouthpiece/airflow

IGET Legend not working  damaged mouthpiece/airflow

The Legends vape may fail to work due to damage to the mouthpiece or airflow. Additionally, you can easily tell if the Legends vape is broken by examining its exterior. The reasons for damage could be:

  • External collisions
  • Improper disassembly of IGET Legends
  • Exposure to high-temperature environments

Damage heating system

IGET Legend not working  damage heating system

The heating system of Legends vape comprises a battery, a cartridge (also known as a pod), an electric heating wire (or coil), and a cotton core that absorbs the e-liquid. The battery supplies power, the electric heating wire generates heat, and the e-liquid absorbed by the cotton core is vaporized into smoke.

If the device fails to heat up, it may be due to damage to the battery or electric heating wire. In such cases, the power indicator light may not turn on. If the power indicator light is on, but no smoke is produced from the mouthpiece, there may be a problem with the electric heating wire or cotton core inside the cartridge. The electric heating wire may have burned out, or the cotton core may not have fully absorbed the e-liquid. Damage to the heating system will prevent IGET Legend from functioning.

E-liquid depletion or leakage

IGET Legend not working e-liquid depletion or leakage

The IGET Legend 4000 has a capacity of 12ml of e-liquid, which can provide approximately 4000 puffs. Once the 12ml of e-liquid is depleted, the Legends vape will stop working.

The most common reason for an IGET Legends not working is e-liquid leakage, which can be observed visually. The following are three signs of e-liquid leakage:

  1. E-liquid leakage: E-liquid leaks out from the mouthpiece or other parts of the Legend IGET.
  2. Abnormal vapour: Leaked e-liquid can seep into the heating element inside the IGET Legend vape, resulting in uneven heating and abnormal vapor.
  3. Abnormal flavour: Leaking e-liquid may drip onto other vape parts, producing an abnormally burnt flavor.

By identifying these three manifestations, you can determine if the reason why the IGET Legend is not working is due to e-liquid leakage.

Battery power is exhausted

IGET Legend not working battery power is exhausted

The IGET Legends 4000 puffs features a 1350mAh battery capacity. Like all disposable vapes, when the battery runs out, the device will stop working. During vaping, it is normal for the IGET Legend light to stay on. However, if you notice the Legend vape flashing light continuously, this could signify a depleted battery.

  • IGET Legends light staying on (when vaping) – Normal
  • IGET Legends light flashing continually – Depleted battery (most likely)

However, a blinking vape indicator doesn’t always mean that the battery is drained. If you’re interested in learning about the reasons why the vape indicator light on your Legends device is blinking, you can read our article on IGET Legend Flashing Light: Exploring 7 Reasons Behind.

Clogged e-liquid hole

IGET Legend not working clogged e-liquid hole

A clogged e-liquid hole in the vape may also cause the IGET Legend not working. When the e-liquid hole is clogged, the e-liquid cannot flow smoothly into the heating element, thus causing improper functioning of the IGET Legend. In such cases, the indicator light of the vape will continue to flash blue.

Vape overheating

IGET Legend not working vape overheating

A potential reason why the IGET Legend device may not be working properly is due to an internal temperature that has become too hot. Excessive heat can negatively affect the quality and performance of Legends IGET, resulting in a range of possible consequences, such as:

  • E-liquid evaporation: In hot environments, the e-liquid inside the Legends may evaporate prematurely, reducing the amount of e-liquid available for use and shortening the device’s lifespan.
  • Battery performance degradation: The lithium battery in the Legend device is sensitive to temperature. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures may damage the battery, reducing its energy storage and output capabilities.
  • Safety hazards: In extreme cases, high temperatures may cause the Legend Vape battery to overheat, creating safety hazards. Although this situation is relatively rare, vapers should avoid exposing the e-cigarette to high-temperature environments.

All of the above situations may cause the IGET Legend not working or shorten its lifespan. Therefore, vapers must be cautious and ensure that the device is not exposed to high temperatures.

Buy a fake IGET Legend

IGET Legend not working buy a fake IGET Legend

It’s important to note that the production of Fake Legend Vapes is currently not regulated by any agency. Additionally, there has not been any safety testing conducted on the storage of e-liquid or the equipment structures. This creates a significant risk of malfunction that should be taken into consideration.

IGET Legend Not Working – How To Distinguish?

  • Are the mouthpiece or device body broken?

It is important to inspect the mouthpiece and device body regularly for signs of wear and tear or damage. If any cracks, chips, or breaks are found, the mouthpiece or device body should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure safe and effective use.

  • Is there any e-liquid on the outside of the body that can be touched?

It’s not typical for e-liquid to appear on the outside of the Legend device because it likely means there’s a leak. If any part of your skin comes into contact with the e-liquid, it should be washed off immediately with soap and water.

  • Is a blue light flashing on the bottom?

If the blue light is on, it means there may be an issue with the operation of IGET Legend. Please stop using it immediately and try to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Is the vapour reduced?

The decrease in vapour indicates that the e-liquid may be running out, and the Legend vape will stop working.

  • Is the device body overheated?

If your IGET Legends device gets too hot, it may not work properly due to the high internal temperature. To prevent damage, it’s important to take action. You can try turning off the device for a while and letting it cool down before using it again.

  • Is there a security label on the packaging?

The security label is an important indicator for verifying the authenticity of IGET Legend Vaoe.

This label is designed to be tamper-evident, which means that any attempt to remove or alter it will cause visible damage to the label. In addition, the label contains a unique code that can be scanned or entered into a database to verify its authenticity.

IGET Legend Not Working – How To Fix It?

How To Fix IGET Legend Not Working?
Check the mouthpiece and airflow
IGET Legend not working check the mouthpiece and airflow

Check that the mouthpiece and airflow aren’t blocked, and if so, you can use a cotton swab or needle gently remove the foreign material from them. To prevent this from happening again, you can close the mouthpiece cap after each use.

Store IGET Legends properly
IGET Legend not working store IGET Legends properly

To prevent a damaged mouthpiece and airflow from occurring again, you need to store your Legend IGET vape properly. Avoid leaving it in hot or messy environments, and do not attempt to disassemble the Legends vape yourself.

It is recommended that you store your Legend vape in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Additionally, it is important to keep it clean and free of debris to ensure proper airflow. If you experience any issues with your Legends, it is best to contact customer support rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

Clean it properly
IGET Legend not working clean it properly

If the IGET Legend gets dirty, simply use a clean tissue or dry cloth to wipe the surface. Avoid using water or other cleaning agents, as they may harm the electronic components or impact the taste and performance of the e-liquid.

If the cleaning liquid seeps into the interior of the device, it will cause the electronic components to become damp. This can result in poor circuit contact and cause the IGET Legend not working.

Buy a new IGET Legend from regular channels

If your IGET Vape Legend has reached the end of its normal lifespan or has issues that are difficult to resolve on your own, we recommend purchasing a new Legend Vape to continue the vaping experience. The cost of repairing the device may be more expensive than buying a new one.

If you purchased your Legend from IGET Vape Shop and are experiencing leakage issues, seek help from their online after-sales customer service. The IGET Vape online shop provides every customer with one year of free warranty service, helping you overcome obstacles on your vaping journey and enjoy vaping without worries.

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IGET Legend Specifications
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Battery: 1350mAh


Hey there! Thanks for reading our article. We hope it helped you get a better understanding of why your IGET Legend not working, and that you were able to fix most of the issues you were experiencing. If you still have questions about malfunctions with other IGET Vapes, don’t worry! You can keep following our updates or check out more related articles for more information. Have a great day!

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FAQ About IGET Legend Not Working

How to recharge I GET Legend?

Legend vape is a disposable vape that eliminates the need for recharging. Unlike rechargeable e-cigarettes, it has no complex charging ports or refilling procedures. Simply remove it from the packaging and begin vaping. This feature makes IGET Legends incredibly convenient for busy individuals who don’t want to worry about recharging their vapes.

Why is my IGET Legend puffs blinking?

The blinking light on your IGET Legend vapes signifies that the battery is low or depleting its power, which also means the e-liquid level is running low. The blinking serves as an indication that the device should be replaced shortly. Continuing to use the device after the light starts blinking may result in diminished flavour or a burnt taste. To guarantee the optimal vaping experience, it is recommended to replace your IGET Legend once the blinking light appears.

Does IGET Legend contain nicotine?

Yes, IGET Legend nicotine content is 50mg/ml (5%).

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