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How To Open IGET B5000: Display

How To Open IGET B5000 Like A Pro? 6 Stepts Tell You


There are always some special cases where we need to open a B5000 IGET Vape, so how do we do it? In this blog, we’ve offered 6 steps to help you safely open the device.

  1. Take off the mouthpiece cap.
  2. Slowly open the casing.
  3. Remove the atomiser and battery.
  4. Observe and replace the damaged parts.
  5. Put the components back.
  6. Test the device.

But how do you reassemble it after opening? Keep reading this article and exploring it with me! Please note that when you carry out these steps, you should undertake the risk of damaging your vape.


How to Open IGET B5000: Introduction

The IGET is a product that has many models of vapes. One of the most special ones is the IGET B5000. It is the first rechargeable disposable IGET Vapes.

B5000 Vape has a long battery life and diverse flavour options, making it popular in a range of e-cigarettes.

However, when it refers to how to open IGET B5000, few people know. So, to help people safely open the Rock IGET Vape, we’ve written a special article just like this.

Note: This is for information only. Attempting to open the IGET B5000 is at your own risk!

Components Of IGET B5000 Vape

The IGET Rock comprises three parts: mouthpiece, atomiser and battery.

  • Mouthpiece: A place we use always should be cleaned regularly to avoid bacterial growth.
  • Atomiser: Responsible for heating the e-liquid and converting it into an inhalable vapour.
  • Battery: 550mAh, supporting 1-2 days of regular vaping.

Click here to learn more about the inside IGET B5000 structure: 👉 IGET B5000 Inside Structure: 3 Essential Components

Preparation Of Tools

  • A IGET B5000 Vape
  • Screwdriver
  • Blade
How To Open IGET B5000: Tools

Steps To Safely Open IGET B5000 Puffs

Steps To Safely Open IGET B5000 Puffs
Although we are not professionals, you still can succeed in opening IGET B5000 as long as you follow the below 6 steps. But you have to take your own risks because this device is disposable.
Take off the mouthpiece cap
How To Open IGET B5000: Take Off The Cap

Observing the IGET B5000 Vape’s appearance and shape, you will find a cap on the mouthpiece. So, all you have to do is remove the cap. This is your first step to successfully opening a Rock Vape.

Slowly open the casing
How To Open IGET B5000: Open The Casing

Due to the structure of Rock Vape, it is extremely difficult to open it with your bare hands. So, by this time, you must use a screwdriver or blade to pry the casing along the side.

Since the internal parts are fragile, we must be more careful in opening.

Remove the atomiser and battery
How To Open IGET B5000: Remove The Atomiser And Battery

Only when we remove the atomizer and the battery we can check the other parts are not damaged. However, removing the atomiser and battery is not easy. We still need a screwdriver.

Since the battery is connected to many wires, so make sure you turn the screws gently.

Observe and replace the damaged parts
How To Open IGET B5000: Observe And Replace The Damaged Parts

After opening the IGET Rock Vape, you must pay attention to the device for e-liquid leakage or battery aging.

If the above situation occurs, you must immediately replace the battery or wipe excess e-liquid around the atomiser and coil with a paper towel.

Put the components back
How To Open IGET B5000: Put The Components Back

Before putting the parts back, here are a few things to note:

  1. Put the corresponding parts in their original positions, ensuring nothing is missing.
  2. Install the battery, ensuring the positive and negative poles are connected correctly to prevent short circuits.
  3. Put on the cover and tighten the screws.
Test the device
How To Open IGET B5000: Test The Device

After assembling the parts, the final step is to test the device. If the e-liquid leaks or no vapour comes out, you may need to open the vape again to check or go directly to a professional for help.

Safety Precautions

  • The positive and negative directions of the battery should be distinguished, and keep a certain distance between the positive and negative battery lines to avoid short circuits.
  • Handle the device with care because some parts are very fragile.
  • Coils and batteries should not touch the water because coils and batteries will get corroded, leading to a short circuit situation.

To reduce the occurrence of accidents, it is important to learn the proper use of IGET B5000. The following article will give you some insight: 👉 How To Use IGET B5000: 3 Excellent Techniques You Can’t Miss


These are the basic steps and safety tips on how to open an IGET B5000. It is recommended not to open IGET B50000 Vape unless you have a personal reason because there may be a risk of damage.

If you are interested in other vapes under the IGET brand, please feel free to enquire at IGET Vape Australia, and we will have someone answer your questions carefully.

How To Open An IGET B5000: FAQ

How do you charge the IGET B5000?

  1. Find the charging port at the bottom of the IGET B5000 Vape.
  2. Connect the charging cable to the vape.
  3. Connect the other end of the charging cable to the power supply.
  4. The LED indicator light will turn on when charging successfully.

Is the iget B5000 rechargeable?

Yes, IGET B5000 is a rechargeable disposable vape. The battery can be charged with a Type-C charging cable.

How long does the IGET B5000 last?

IGET Rock Vape rechargeable disposable vape has a 550mAh battery capacity. In general, it can be used for 1-2 days.

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