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IGET B5000 Inside Structure: Display

IGET B5000 Inside Structure: 3 Essential Components


As an experienced vape for over 5 years, I know all about the structure of an e-cigarette. So, what is inside the IGET B5000? Well, there are 3 essential components to it. For example:

  • Mouthpiece – Inhale The Vapour
  • Atomiser – Store The E-liquid
  • Battery – Make The Device Work

Although the IGET B5000 inside structure doesn’t look so complicated, each component of the IGET Rock Vape plays a huge role. They’re all indispensable.


IGET B5000, inside the IGET series, is a very distinctive vape that many people have known.

No matter the newcomers or experienced vapers, they know how influential the IGET brand is.

Therefore, learning the IGET B5000 inside structure is very necessary. So now, let’s start!

The IGET B5000 Inside Structure

The inside structure of an IGET B5000 is not as complicated as we imagine. There are 3 main components, including the mouthpiece, atomiser and battery. Each component has its role.

3 Essential Components

Mouthpiece – Inhale The Vapour

IGET B5000 Inside Structure; Mouthpiece

While vaping, the mouthpiece is a place we often use. We pull the vapour out of the mouthpiece, which makes us feel like we’re on a cloud.

The shape of the mouthpiece is like a round hole, which helps to make the vapour come together. When you use IGET Rock Vape, please take good care of the mouthpiece, which helps you experience rich flavours.

Atomiser – Store The E-liquid

IGET B5000 Inside Structure: Atomiser

The atomiser is the key component of the IGET B5000 inside structure. It is mainly composed of a coil and atomiser core.

The coil of the IGET 5000 puffs is 1.05 Ohm. It’s a small heat generator. It generates heat through electronic components, turning the E-liquid into vapour.

A battery powers the atomiser and can transform the E-liquid into vapour, giving you an authentic feeling of smoking and realizing the dream of blowing a cloud.

IGET B5000 Inside Structure: Atomiser Core

However, the atomiser core is an important component of vapour atomisation, which adopts electronic technology and physicochemical principles.

It consists of materials such as metal wires and fibre cotton cores, and the interior is filled with flavouring, glycerine, propylene glycol and other components of the E-liquid.

When the E-liquid is heating up in the atomising core, the various components in the E-liquid will undergo corresponding chemical reactions, discharging substances similar to vapour, thus achieving the effect of smoking.

Battery – Make The Device Work

IGET B5000 Inside Structure: Battery

IGET B5000 Vape has a 550mAh battery. It can be used for 1-2 days. Its function is to provide electricity to heat the heating wire to make the atomiser work.

IGET Vape B5000 uses a lithium battery, which has a long service life, good safety performance and no pollution.

Can We Open The IGET B5000 Vape Ourselves?

As the 5000 puff IGET is a disposable vape, it’s not recommended to open it by yourself. If you stick to doing that, you have to bear the risk of damage to the device.

Here are the basic steps to opening the IGET 5000 puffs:

  1. Prepare a screwdriver and blade.
  2. Take off the protective cover of the mouthpiece.
  3. Slowly pry open the casing with a blade.
  4. Remove the atomiser and battery.
  5. Check for damaged components.
  6. Reassemble the device and test if the device can work.

If you still want to know more and more detailed information about how to open IGET B5000, I believe this article is helpful to you!

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In a word, there are 3 essential components in the IGET B5000 inside structure. They are the mouthpiece, atomiser and battery.

If one of them is broken, you cannot have a good vaping experience. Therefore, please be sure to use and store your vape with care!

Furthermore, although the 5000 puff IGET is good enough, there are other IGET Vape series in the IGET Vape Australia. Come and choose your favourite vape!

What Is Inside The IGET B5000: FAQ

What is the difference between IGET Bar and B5000?

Puff3500 puffs5000 puffs

Is the IGET B5000 any good?

The IGET B5000 has a rechargeable battery. The battery can be used multiple times and is not disposable like other vapes.

Therefore, you don’t have to dispose of the device after a single use. In the long run, it can save you a lot of money.

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