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IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: Display

IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt? 4 Helpful Guides Help You Out

Quick Guide

Why does my new IGET B5000 taste burn? Although it’s a common problem, we still feel frustrated. As an experienced vaper, I’m happy to handle all your difficulties. Here are my four solutions:

  1. Wait for 15-20 seconds.
  2. Store the device at the right temperature.
  3. Tilt the device upside down to saturate the atomising core fully.
  4. Consider replacing a new vape.

To avoid this happening again, learning how to check and fix the burnt taste is necessary. So keep reading to find out more details!


IGET is a reliable brand that produces high-quality vapes. In the production process, IGET Vapes strictly abide by the national quality standards.

However, sometimes, for personal reasons, the vape may get burnt. So what do you need to do? By reading, you can get the answer you want!

What Is Burnt Taste Like?

A burnt taste is like when you eat bitter food, and the bitter flavour will remain in your mouth for some time. Sometimes, a burnt taste from the vape will make you choke and have a severe cough.

If IGET B5000 tastes burnt all the time when you vape, in this case, please stop because it might be bad for your health.

Common Causes Of A Burnt Taste

Common Causes Of A Burnt Taste

There are 6 common reasons that lead to a burnt taste. Come and find out what reasons cause your rechargeable vape to have a burning smell!

  • Overheat

When you take IGET 5000 puffs in a row and don’t take a rest, the device will overheat. If the heat dissipation is not timely, there is a good chance that the IGET B5000 tastes burnt.

  • Out of Liquid

When the device is out of liquid, the wicking material cannot be fully soaked.

However, the coil is still heating. It can easily lead to direct heating of coils and cotton. If you continue vaping at this time, you will smell a harsh and burnt taste.

  • Old Coil

Over time, the more you use the IGET B5000 Vape, the older the coil is. The coil will gradually become overworked and inefficient, greatly increasing the likelihood of coil burning.

  • Chain Vaping

Chain vaping means you continuously vape without taking a rest. When you use IGET Vape B5000 for a long time, the device will overheat. If you don’t cool it down, the device will taste burnt.

In addition, if you vape too fast, the atomiser core doesn’t have enough time to be soaked in the E-liquid. It may also cause a burning flavour.

  • Clogged Mouthpiece

When the mouthpiece is blocked by debris or dust, the vapour cannot be inhaled. Therefore, it will cause the e-liquid to overheat, making the wicking material burnt.

  • Poor-Quality Ingredients

Since there are thousands of e-cigarettes produced every day, it is difficult to ensure that the quality of each one is good, so it is inevitable that there will be a lot of fake goods in the market.

If you buy a fake IGET B5000 Vape and the ingredients do not meet the standards, it can also cause the device to have a burnt flavour.

4 Guides Help You Fix The Burnt Taste Of IGET Rock Vape

4 Guides Help You Fix The Burnt Taste Of IGET Rock Vape
Since we can’t prevent IGET Rock Vape from burning, there are a few things we can do to fix burned vape.
Wait for 15-20 seconds
How To Fix IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: Wait For 15-20 Seconds

When you take a lot of puffs in a row, the Rock IGET Vape will overheat and easily get burnt. So, the best way is to wait for 15-20 seconds, giving the device a break from vaping.

Store the device at the right temperature
How To Fix IGET B5000 Tatses Burnt: Store The Device At The Right Temperature

The temperature storage range for B5000 vape is 15℃-25℃. Too high or too low a temperature is not acceptable.

The high temperatures will make the device or the battery overheat, while low temperatures will cause the viscosity of the e-liquid to increase, leading to the e-liquid’s thickening.

Both are likely to cause the B5000 Vape to have a burnt taste.

Tilt the device upside down to saturate the atomising core fully
How To Fix IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: Tilt The Device Upside Down

The atomiser core is the most likely to dry burnt. To keep the core always wet, the best way is to tilt the device upside down, letting the core be fully soaked.

Consider replacing a new vape
How To Fix IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: Considering Replacing A New Vape

The IGET B5000 Vape Rock is a rechargeable disposable vape, so it’s not recommended to take it apart.

If the parts of the IGET Vape B5000 are damaged in the disassembly process, there is no after-sales service.

Therefore, the safest and best way is to consider replacing a new disposable when the IGET B5000 tastes burnt.

Precautions for A Burnt Vape

  1. Charging your device at least once a day can better protect the battery’s performance and extend the device’s lifespan, reducing the risk of vape burning.
  2. Watch your eyes on the vapour to ensure the E-liquid is adequate. When there is no vapour or decreasing vapour, it means that there is not much E-liquid left. Once the e-liquid runs out, you should dispose of the device.
  3. Clean the mouthpiece. Regular cleaning of the mouthpiece will ensure that there is no debris blocking the vapour outlet.
  4. Check for aging batteries or loose parts inside the atomizer to ensure your device is not damaged.


In conclusion, when your IGET B5000 tastes burnt, don’t be alarmed. Following the 4 guides may help you out.

If you consider buying a new one, at I GET Australia, there are a lot of authentic disposable vapes to give you to choose from. Browse our shop and start shopping!

IGET B5000 Tastes Burnt: FAQ

Can you fix a disposable vape that tastes burnt?

There are several ways that you can try when your disposable vape tastes burnt:

  1. Clean the mouthpiece with a swab.
  2. Open the disposable vape (If you can).
  3. Check the e-liquid level.
  4. Add your favourite e-liquid.
  5. Prime the coils properly.
  6. Let the wick and cotton fully soak.
  7. Ressemble the device.

Why does my disposable vape taste burnt when I just bought it?

  • The e-liquid is low.
  • The device is damaged or faulty.
  • The coil primes incorrectly.
  • You vape heavily or fast.

How do you fix a burnt taste in a vape?

  • Leave a longer time between each puff.
  • Tilt the device upside down to fully soak the wick.
  • Take a slow and small vape.

Is it bad to smoke a burnt vape?

Yes, a burnt vape can be dangerous for your health because it may produce toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your lungs when inhaled.

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