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IGET Bar Plus flavours review

Comprehensive IGET Bar Plus Flavours Review: An Authentic On-Site Assessment

The IGET 6000 Puffs Vape comprises a replaceable pod and a rechargeable vape kit, offering more than 15 flavour options. Therefore, with four years of experience in vaping, we will share our authentic reviews of all IGET Bar Plus flavours in this article, all based on our on-site assessment.

We’ve ranked the flavours of IGET Bar Plus based on user feedback and market popularity. Read on to see if there is anything you like to enjoy for your next vaping experience.

IGET Bar Plus flavours review tangy fruit

Top 1: Tangy Fruit Series

Our team’s latest research shows that this Tangy Fruit Series has been the highest-selling range with the most positive user reviews.

It captures a fruity fragrance with a refreshing mint to awaken your taste buds. The thick vapour with a rich flavour lingers in the air, leaving you eager for more. Check the IGET Bar Plus tangy fruit flavour review to know more!

IGET Bar Plus flavours review exotic fruit

Top 2: Exotic Fruit Series

The Exotic Fruit Series offers an exotic fruity feast by delivering sweet-sour Kiwi and ripe grapes with dense minty menthol. The silky texture will surprise you like no one else. Check the IGET Bar Plus exotic fruit flavour review to know more!

IGET Bar Plus flavours review special flavour

Top 3: Special Flavour Series

The Special Flavour Series is your best bet if you love experimenting with novel flavours. From the classic cola to the silky texture of Banana Ice, the IGET Bar Plus Special Flavours deliver an extraordinary experience. Check the IGET Bar Plus special flavour review to know more!

New Flavours You May Be Interested

IGET Bar Plus is available in over 15 flavours but continues beyond that. The following are three newly developed flavours that may become your favourite for your next vaping experience.

IGET Bar Plus flavours review new flavours IGET Bar Plus apple grape ice

IGET Bar Plus Apple Grape Ice Best Values

Combining the flavours of crisp apple and juicy grape, this option is a must-try for all vapers.
IGET Bar Plus flavours review new flavours IGET Bar Plus lychee watermelon

IGET Bar Plus Lychee Watermelon Best Values

This flavour features a luxurious blend of exotic lychee and juicy watermelon.
IGET Bar Plus flavours review new flavours IGET Bar Plus grape peach ice

IGET Bar Plus Grape Peach lce Best Values

Its luscious sweetness of grapes and peaches is complemented by a crisp menthol finish, leaving your palate eager for more.

The IGET Bar Plus prevails among many smokers for its latest IGET Disposable Pod and rechargeable kit. Its wide range of flavours will cater to all your taste expectations. Whether you prefer juicy fruits or a mouthwatering blend of flavours, the IGET Bar will always be there.

Don’t miss the comprehensive IGET Bar Plus flavours review for more detailed information.

Best IGET Bar Plus Flavours In 2023: Ranked & Fully Reviewed

To find the best IGET Bar Plus flavours, I analyzed survey rankings and sales data. The best flavours among vapers were those that ranked highly in both areas.

Best IGET Bar Plus flavours review


How long does a Bar Plus last?

Boasting a capacity of up to 6000 puffs, an IGET Bar Plus can last about 20-60 days, depending on your usage habits and vaping frequency.

Does the IGET Bar Plus have nicotine?

Yes, the IGET Bar Plus has a 5% nicotine concentration.

How does an IGET Bar Plus work?

When you inhale from the mouthpiece, the built-in atomiser activates the battery, producing energy to heat the coils. Then, the coils atomise the e-liquid into vapour, which travels through the mouthpiece to you.

How long does a IGET Bar Plus take to charge?

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to charge the IGET Bar Plus fully.

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