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Why your IGET Bar Plus not working

Why Your IGET Bar Plus Not Working? 4 Faults & Easy Solutions

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Hello there! We understand how frustrating it can be to purchase a new IGET 6000 puff vape and find out it’s not working after charging it. But don’t panic just yet! I’m here to help you as a seasoned e-cigarette technician who has fixed countless “not working” issues for vapers.

Check out these four reasons why your IGET Bar Plus not working properly:

  1. Battery Issues
  2. Faulty pod
  3. Device malfunction
  4. Physical damage

Let’s take a closer look at the IGET Bar Plus 6000 and its issue with not working properly. Grab your vape and let’s dive in!


IGET Bar Plus review

The IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs has become a favourite among vapers due to its rechargeable and replaceable nature, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality compared to other IGET Vapes. However, like all vaping devices, the IGET Bar Plus Pods not working is not immune.

To enhance the vaping experience, IGET has conducted research and analysis to identify the four most common reasons why the IGET Bar Plus not working. We have also provided practical solutions and prevention measures to address these issues.

Solving the problem of the IGET Vape not working will be very simple and easy. Let’s get it done!

IGET Bar Plus Not Working – How It Work?

To troubleshoot issues with your IGET Bar Plus vape, it’s important to first understand how it works. Knowing each step of the vape’s working process is key to identifying the root cause of the problem and applying the correct fix.

The IGET Vape Bar Plus is made up of two major parts:

IGET Bar Plus not working how it work
  • Disposal Pod (Mouthpiece+Atomizer)
  • Vape Device (Battery)

If any of these parts malfunction, your Bar Plus IGET Vape may not function correctly. Here’s how the vape works:

  1. Inhaling on the mouthpiece, air enters the vape through the airflow.
  2. The coil in the atomizer starts to work, and the heating system starts to heat the e-liquid.
  3. The e-liquid is vaporized into a richly flavoured vapour.
  4. The vapour reaches your mouth through the mouthpiece.

This is a smooth and efficient workflow for the IGET Plus Bar. However, if any part of the process goes wrong, it can result in the IGET Plus Bar not working.

IGET Bar Plus Not Working – Why It Happen?

Once you understand how IGET Bar Plus work, analyzing the top 4 reasons why the IGET Bar Plus not working becomes easy and understandable.

1. IGET Bar Plus Not Working – Battery Issues

The battery is essential for the normal operation of the IGET Bar Plus. Without it, the device cannot generate smoke and odor through heating. If the Bar Plus Vape is not working, the following battery issues may be the cause:

IGET Bar Plus not working battery issues
  1. Loose battery connection

If you find that your IGET Bar Plus cannot be used even after charging, the issue may be caused by a loose battery inside the device. You can gently shake the device to check for any sounds or loose parts after separating the IGET 6000 Puffs Pods from the device body.

  1. The charger is broken

If the bottom indicator light of your Bar Plus 6000 does not light up after connecting it to the charger and it does not remain in the charging state, or if it still cannot operate normally after being fully charged for an hour, then your charger may be damaged.

2. IGET Bar Plus Not Working – Faulty Pod

The pod is a crucial component of IGET Bar Plus as it stores e-liquid to provide flavours and vapor. In the event that Bar Plus fails to operate, the pod and the e-liquid inside it play an important role.

IGET Bar Plus not working faulty pod
  1. E-liquid depletion

If you notice that the vapour from your IGET Vape Bar Plus is decreasing, the flavour is becoming milder, and the sound of the vape working has changed, it may indicate that the device is running out of e-liquid. In other words, when the e-liquid runs out, the pod’s life is over, and the IGET Bar Plus 6000 will stop working.

  1. E-liquid leakage

E-liquid leakage is a common reason for an IGET Bar Plus not working. Here are four signs of e-liquid leakage to look out for:

  • Oil Sensation in the Mouth: If you feel oil in your mouth while vaping, it may be due to oil leakage during the use of the IGET Plus 6000.
  • Odor: The e-liquid in Bar Plus vape has a distinct scent. If you smell this scent when the IGET Bar Plus is not in use, it may be due to oil leakage.
  • Touch: If the exterior of the Bar Plus feels oily, it may be due to oil leakage.
  • Leakage Traces: If you frequently place your Bar Plus Vape in a certain location and find oil stains there, it may be due to oil leakage from the vape.

By recognizing these signs, you can determine if e-liquid leakage is the reason why your I GET Bar Plus is not working properly. To learn more about the oil leakage problem, I recommend reading our analysis article on the IGET Bar Plus leaking.

  1. Poor contact between the device and the pod
IGET Bar Plus not working poor connect

The base of the pod is made of metal, and the device is equipped with three circular magnets to keep the pod securely in position. If the magnets on the device lose their magnetic force or the bottom of the pod becomes corroded, this can affect their connection. As a result, the e-liquid in the pod may not heat and vaporize properly, which can cause the IGET Bar Plus to stop working.

3. IGET Bar Plus Not Working – Device Malfunction

The components inside the device play a crucial role in the proper functioning of the I GET Bar Plus. We can visually inspect the condition of the internal parts. Please pay attention to the following situations that may occur in your vape:

IGET Bar Plus not working device malfunction
  1. The conductive holes on the pod are blocked

The conductive circular holes of the pod are blocked, preventing it from properly connecting with the device and working correctly.

  1. The conductive posts on the device are damaged

Two conductive posts on the device are damaged, resulting in no power being supplied to the pod.

  1. Clogged mouthpiece/airflow

If your Bar Plus is not functioning, it’s possible that the mouthpiece or airflow is clogged. Simply inspect the mouthpiece and airflow at the bottom of the Bar Plus to check for any foreign material.

4. IGET Bar Plus Not Working -Physical Damage

Due to human or environmental factors, IGET Bar Plus may suffer physical damage that can affect its external shape or internal structure and cause the Bar Plus 6000 not working. Examples of such damage include:

  • Accidental damage: Dropping, stepping on, etc. may cause damage to the Bar Plus battery, heating components, or the Bar Plus Pods.
  • Improper cleaning: Attempting to clean the Bar Plus device with water or cleaning agents may damage its electronic components or affect the taste and performance of the e-liquid.
  • Storage in extreme environments: Extreme temperatures, both high and low, can affect e-liquid flow. Light can also degrade e-liquid flavour. Additionally, high pressure can cause device damage, while low pressure can cause leaks.

IGET Bar Plus Not Working – How To Solve & Prevent It?

How To Solve & Prevent IGET Bar Plus Not Working?
Now we know the four reasons why the IGET Bar Plus isn’t working, and I’ll provide you with the appropriate solution for each situation.
Store Bar Plus vape properly
IGET Bar Plus not working store properly

It is important to store your Bar Plus vape in a safe and secure place to prevent damage to its internal parts. Keep it away from areas where it could be accidentally knocked over or stepped on. Remember to also keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Use a high-quality charger and charging cable
IGET Bar Plus not working charger

To keep safe and proper when IGET Bar Plus charging, avoid using outdated or low-quality charging cables. Damaged cables can cause short circuits and fire hazards. Exposed metal wiring can also lead to electrical leakage and pose risks to vapers. So, replace old cables with new ones for optimal safety.

If you want to learn more about the precautions for IGET Bar Plus charging, please read our related articles.

Replace the pod when e-liquid is low or leaking
IGET Bar Plus not working replace the pod

IGET Bar Vape Plus has a replaceable pod system that allows for easy switching between e-liquid flavours without refilling or changing the coil. To maintain a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience, regularly check the e-liquid level and replace the pod when it’s low or leaking to prevent device damage.

Avoid magnets and corrosive liquids
IGET Bar Plus not working aviod magnets and corrosive liquids

The IGET Bar Plus device should be kept away from magnets and corrosive objects to avoid demagnetization of the three magnets inside and damage to the pod, which can result in the malfunctioning of the device.

Keep the bottom of the pod clean
IGET Bar Plus not working clean the pod

There are 8 circular conductive holes at the bottom of the pod. If these holes are blocked, the pod cannot make contact with the device and will not charge. You can wipe the bottom of the pod with a clean tissue or cloth.

Check the mouthpiece and airflow
IGET Bar Plus not working check the mouthpiece and airflow

Check that the mouthpiece and airflow are not blocked. If they are, you can use a cotton swab or needle to gently remove any foreign material. To prevent this from happening again, wipe the mouthpiece with a tissue and store the Bar Plus Vape in a clean and cool place after use.

Store your Bar Plus vape in a suitable environment

Now that we know the reasons why IGET Bar Plus may not work, what methods can we take to avoid these situations? Before using Bar Plus Vape, let’s review some preventive measures!

IGET Bar Plus not working store it properly
  • Keep the IGET Bar Plus vape in a cool, dry place between 15°C and 25°C at normal atmospheric pressure.
  • To prevent rusting of the casing or damage to the components, avoid exposing the device and pod to water or other liquids.
  • Do not expose the Bar Plus to direct sunlight or moisture, as this can cause damage and leaking.
Clean it properly
IGET Bar Plus not working clean it properly

If the Bar Plus device or pod gets dirty, simply wipe the surface with a clean tissue or dry cloth. Do not use water or other cleaning agents, as this may damage electronic components or affect the taste and performance of the e-liquid.

Purchase your IGET Bar Plus through official channels
IGET Bar Plus not working buy from official channels

o avoid purchasing fake GET Bar Plus Vape, it is recommended to buy directly from the official website, or other authorized channels. Here are some guidelines to distinguish between the real and fake ones.

  • Check the serial number of your Bar Plus.
  • Purchase IGET Bar Plus 6000 from reputable places.
  • Be wary of the low prices of Bar Plus vape.
  • Pay attention to the IGET Bar Plus package and label.

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After reading this article, you now have a detailed understanding of the four main reasons why the IGET Bar Plus may not work properly. If you encounter this issue, simply follow the instructions provided in the article. However, it is important to remember that for safety reasons, do not attempt to disassemble the IGET Bar Plus yourself.

If your IGET Bar Plus cannot be fixed, consider purchasing a new one from IGET Vape Australia. This website and the IGET Bar Plus manufacturer are reliable, offering one-year free after-sales service for their products, and are committed to providing you with the most satisfying vaping experience possible. Happy vaping!

FAQ About IGET Bar Plus Not Working

How does IGET Bar Plus Pods work?

The IGET Bar Plus Refill Pod (also known as the IGET Bar Plus refill pod), an integral component of the IGET Bar Plus device, houses the e-liquid which, upon user’s inhalation, is heated within the device to create vapor for a seamless, flavorful vaping experience.

What type of charger is used to charge the I GET Bar Plus?

The Bar Plus charger features a convenient Type-C charging cable, providing fast and efficient charging for your IGET Bar Plus device.

What is the IGET Bar Plus 6000 charging time?

To charge the Bar Plus vape, it should take around 30 to 60 minutes. You’ll know that charging has started when the indicator light begins to flash. Once the vape is fully charged, simply unplug the charger.

How much nicotine is in the IGET Bar Plus Vape?

The nicotine content of IGET Bar Plus is 5% (50mg/ml).

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