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IGET Legend special flavours review

IGET Legend Special Flavours Review: 3 Refreshing Summer Sodas Worth Tasting

Today, I will introduce you to these 3 great flavours in this IGET Legend Special Flavours Review

If you’re looking for some tasty summer drinks, these three IGET Legend Special Flavours are a must-try. They’re all delicious and perfect for the hot summer.

IGET Legend Special Flavours Review – Introduction

Do you find the fruity flavours of the IGET Legend too monotonous and boring? Or maybe you want to try something new? Well, you should try our IGET Legend Flavours – Specialty Flavours. It’s a strange combination of lemon and watermelon with cola soda to create a bold flavour that will satisfy your “picky” taste buds!

IGET Legend Special Flavours Review

IGET Legend offers a variety of unique delicacies. It comes in over 30 different flavours to choose from. This is perfect for those who want to focus on one brand and need a lot of choice. Here are a few of the most popular special flavours.

Plain Coffee IGET Legend

IGET Legend plain coffee flavour



Try this, you will be Plain Coffee IGET struck in Legend of full-bodied palate. Immerse yourself in the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans with each sip. It’s the perfect way to start or end the day.

Cola Lemon Soda IGET Legend

IGET Legend cola lemon soda flavour



Coke Lemon Soda IGET Legend is a unique blend that mixes the familiar cola bubble with the spiciness of lemon soda. This refreshing fizzy drink is making quite a splash in the market.

Lush Ice IGET Legend

IGET Legend lush ice flavour



Lush Ice IGET Legend is like a kind of relaxed Popsicle, the perfect balance of sweet watermelon, cold mixing aromas of mint and a secret. On a hot summer day, use it to keep you cool all-day

IGET Legend Special Flavours Review – Verdict

IGET Legend Special Flavours offers a unique blend of 3 distinctive soda flavours. Whether you like watermelon and cola flavours or a combination of coffee and soda, your taste buds will be satisfied! Visit the official website I GET Vape, and start your delicious e-cigarette journey!

FAQ About IGET Legend Special Flavours Review

Is there a coffee flavored disposable vape?

IGET Legend offers a choice of Coffee flavours, the Plain Coffee IGET Legend. If you like to drink Coffee, you’ll love IGET struck in Legend Plain Coffee

What does Lush ice vape smell like?

Lush Ice IGET Legend’s scent is refreshing, similar to the mixed cool and refreshing mint smell of sweet watermelon, and a hint of other fruit fragrances.

Does Lush ice vape have nicotine?

Yes, the Lush Ice IGET Legend contains 5% (50 mg/ml) nicotine.

What flavour is a Lush Ice vape?

Our Lush Ice IGET Legend combines sweet watermelon, cool mint and a variety of hidden fruit notes.

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