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IGET Vape not working

Why Is Your IGET Vape Not Working?

About IGET Vape Not Working

The problem of IGET Vapes not working has been a significant concern for many vapers. To help you overcome this trouble, IGET has enlisted the expertise of professional technicians. Keep reading to discover the reasons and solutions for different series of IGET Vapes not working!


Why is my disposable vape not working when I just got it?

There are several reasons why new disposable vapes don’t work:

  • Production defects
  • Battery depletion
  • Improper transportation
  • Fake disposable vape

Why is vapour not coming out of my vape?

If your vape is not emitting vapour, it is most likely because your mouthpiece or airflow is clogged.

Why is my disposable vape not hitting but lighting up?

Here’s why your disposable vape is not hitting but lighting up:

  • Damaged battery
  • Battery power is exhausted
  • Exhausted e-liquid
  • Clogged e-liquid hole
  • Vape overheating

Why is my vape blinking blue and not hitting?

When your vape is blinking blue but not hitting, it’s probably because the vape’s battery is dead.

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