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kiwi IGET Bar Plus flavours review

Kiwi IGET Bar Plus Flavours Review: 2 Exotic Blends

Welcome to the world of Kiwi! Whether you are a fan of fruity flavours, the Kiwi IGET Bar Plus flavours will never disappoint you with a sweet and sour taste that makes your mouth water.

To bring you an unparalleled vaping experience, we’ll dive deep into two Kiwi flavours, giving you an in-depth review of each. If you are looking to explore the best flavour or want something unique to try, look no further since these two options will satisfy all your cravings.

What You Can Expect From Kiwi IGET Bar Plus Flavours?

Different vapers have different preferences, and IGET Vape 6000 Puffs flavours understand that. Its two Kiwi IGET Bar Plus flavours have garnered significant attention and praise from the vaping community.

Moderately sweet fruits paired with the sweet-tart Kiwi and complemented by a cooling mint finish, there is no denying that these two flavours can capture the hearts of vapers.

At the same time, the massive vapour they produce and the mild throat hit also satisfy the needs of seasoned smokers. Overall, we highly recommend you all give these two flavours a try.

Kiwi IGET Bar Plus Flavours Review

#1 Strawberry Kiwi Ice

kiwi IGET Bar Plus flavours review strawberry kiwi ice
Kiwi IGET Bar Plus flavours review strawberry kiwi ice
  • Sweetness: 🥝🥝
  • Coolness: 🥝🥝🥝
  • Richness: 🥝🥝🥝

The IGET Bar Plus Strawberry Kiwi Ice perfectly paired Kiwi with the popular strawberry, making it one of the favourite flavours for many vapers.

The strawberry’s sweetness neutralises the Kiwi’s tartness, making this flavour appetising without being so sour. And the refreshing mint will soothe you and immerse yourself in the world of cold, tangy fruits!

What surprises us is that when you exhale the thick vapour, the fruity aroma lingers in the air for a long time. You will feel like every puff is worth its value.

#2 Passion Fruit Kiwi Guava

Kiwi IGET Bar Plus flavours review passion fruit kiwi guava
Kiwi IGET Bar Plus flavours review passion fruit kiwi guava
  • Sweetness: 🥝🥝🥝
  • Coolness: 🥝
  • Richness: 🥝🥝🥝

Although this option blends three fruits, it doesn’t leave you feeling cloyingly sweet.

Delectable passion fruits balanced well with mellow guava with a dense Kiwi aroma, this flavour carries a strong exotic taste that makes you feel like you are in a tropical paradise.

Since each of the three fruits has a distinctive aroma, you won’t find it difficult to distinguish the component on each puff, which is good news for smokers who like to savour the flavour.


Whether you prefer an icy sensation or a rich flavour, Vape Disposable IGET ensures there is something for everyone. And the Kiwi IGET Bar Plus flavours are your best bet if the sweet-tart taste is your thing.

Overall, we found these two options are great all-day vapes for most smokers. The Strawberry Kiwi Ice has a strong cooling sensation with a moderate fruity sweetness that will please smokers looking for a dense vaping experience.

But if mixed fruit flavour is your type, the Passion Fruit Kiwi Guava is the best way to go since it delivers three distinctive tastes to comfort your greedy taste buds.


What Bar Plus flavours are there?

IGET Bar Plus provides Strawberry flavour, Watermelon flavour, Grape flavour, Kiwi flavour, and Special flavour to choose from.

Does the IGET Bar Plus have nicotine in it?

IGET Bar Plus has two nicotine strengths: 0% (0 mg/mL) and 5% (50 mg/mL).

Is the IGET Bar Plus refillable?

No, but you can replace a new IGET Disposable Pod and discard the empty pod responsibly.

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