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what is IGET King

What Is IGET King?

I’m new to the vaping world and immediately fell in love with IGET King! But I still need to learn more about it. Can anyone tell me what IGET King is?

how many puffs are IGET Kings

How Many Puffs Are IGET Kings?

Although it depends greatly on one’s smoking habits, I still want to know how many puffs an IGET King can provide me.

how many puffs in a disposable vape

How Many Puffs In A Disposable Vape?

I’m a heavy smoker, and this is my first time buying an e-cigarette, but I was wondering how many puffs are in a disposable vape.

how to tell if a disposable vape has nicotine

How To Tell If A Disposable Vape Has Nicotine?

I just started vaping and learned that there are nicotine-containing and nicotine-free ones. What are their differences, and how can I tell if it has nicotine?

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