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What Is IGET Bar Plus Refill Pod?

Hey, I'm just got the Bar Plus - it's pretty cool but there's still a lot I'm figuring out. So, I keep hearing about this 'IGET Bar Plus Refill' thing. Can someone give me the lowdown - What's an IGET Bar Plus Refill really about?

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James M Mannino
James M Mannino

Answered on July 16, 2023

I’d be happy to clarify! As someone who has been a professional in the vaping industry for over 5 years, I’m well-versed in this. The IGET Bar Plus Refill pod refers to the replaceable pods designed specifically for the IGET Bar Plus device. These pods contain the e-liquid that turns into vapour upon heating, providing the user with an inhalable medium.

Each refill pod has a significant capacity and can offer 6000 puffs before a replacement is needed. Once a pod is exhausted, you merely replace it with a new one, effectively extending the lifespan of your IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs device.

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