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IGET Vape leaking blog

Why Is Your IGET Vape Leaking?

About IGET Vape Leaking

IGET’s disposable has been making waves in the vaping industry in Australia. However, the issue of e-liquid leaking is a very common problem in vapes. Don’t worry if the same problem is also plaguing you. Please keep reading to check out the causes and solutions we have given.

Why Is Your IGET Leaking?

Reasons & Solutions

Improper usage posture – Keep it vertically or in an upright position while vaping

Inappropriate storage – Store your vape in a suitable environment to avoid extreme temperatures and humidity

Damage to the vape tankUse a cotton swab or a tissue to wipe off excess juice for minor leaks or replace a new vape if the damage is severe

Sharp Inhalation – Inhale softly and slowly and maintain a balanced vaping time

Old coils – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation to change new coils.

Blog About IGET Vape Leaking

Click and keep reading if you want to learn more about the reasons and solutions to your IGET Vape leaking issues.


Is a leaking vape dangerous?

Although the ingredients in vapes are food-grade, you shouldn’t swallow this liquid like its juice, which can cause harm to you.

Why is my vape leaking from the air hole?

This can be caused by keeping your vape in a horizontal position for a long time.

How do I stop my vape from leaking?

Don’t hesitate to contact customer service for a refund or exchange if your brand-new vape leaks. If there is no after-sales service, we recommend getting a new one.

How do I stop my IGET bar plus from leaking?

To prevent your IGET Bar Plus from leaking, you need to analyze why it is leaking and the corresponding solution specifically.

Read Is Your IGET Bar Plus Leaking? 5 Troubleshooting & Tricks Guide to learn more about it.

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