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IGET Vapes flashing types

Why Your IGET Vape Flashing Light?

About IGET Vape Flashing Light

IGET Vape is a popular electronic cigarette brand in Australia. Below are some reasons why IGET Vape may experience flashing issues, along with their respective solutions. Please carefully check and verify each reason to quickly resolve any flashing problems.

Why Your IGET Vape Flashing Light?

Reasons & Solutions

Low battery – Check the battery or recharge it

Low e-liquid – Replace a new pod or vape pen

Clogged e-liquid hole – Clean the e-liquid hole and mouthpiece

Vape overheating – Controlling the duration of vaping

Physical trauma – Store in a suitable environment

IGET Vape Flashing Blog

The following article analyzes the reasons why certain models of IGET Vape are experiencing flashing issues. If you are interested, please click and continue following our updates!

FAQ About IGET Vape Flashing

How do you know when your IGET Vape is finished?

To determine if your IGET disposable vape is finished, look out for a flashing blue light indicator. This indicates that the battery is depleted and the device should be discarded. If you continue using the device beyond this point, you may experience a burnt taste or reduced vapor production.

Why is my disposable vape light blinking when it is fully charged?

The disposable vape light blinks when it is fully charged, indicating that it is fully charged.

However, IGET disposable vape is a non-rechargeable vape, so it can not be charged, not to mention that there will be a flashing light situation after a full charge.

Why is my vape pen blinking ten times?

If your vape pen light blinks ten times, this could indicate a short circuit of the atomiser. However, the IGET vapes light blinking ten times may be due to problems such as a damaged battery, low battery, running out of e-liquid, etc.

How to properly dispose of your I GET Vapes once it’s finished?

In Australia, it is advisable to dispose of vapes containing a lithium-ion battery at a designated battery recycling center or collection point. Some local councils provide collection services for hazardous waste, which includes lithium-ion batteries. It is crucial to avoid disposing of these batteries in regular household waste or water, as they can be harmful to the environment and pose a safety hazard.

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