IGET B5000

The IGET B5000 (Also called IGET Rock B5000), a rechargeable disposable vape from IGET, provides 5000 puffs of effortless vaping experience for all users with no buttons and immediate use upon opening.


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FAQs About IGET B5000

Yes, IGET B5000 nicotine content is 5% (50mg/ml).

IGET B5000, the cutting-edge model from IGET, is rapidly gaining favour among Australian vape aficionados. Offering up to 5000 puffs, it’s the rechargeable IGET Vape that can accompany you throughout your vaping journey. For most vapers, daily habits and puffing frequency substantially affect the device’s lifespan. Here are some rough estimates for your reference:

  • If used at a frequency of 100 puffs per day, it can last for 50 days.
  • If used at a frequency of 200 puffs per day, it can last for 25 days.
  • If used at a frequency of 300 puffs per day, it can last for 16-17 days.
  • If used at a frequency of 500 puffs per day, it can last for 10 days.

Yes, the IGET B5000 is a rechargeable disposable vape.

To recharge the IGET B5000, follow these steps:

  1. First, stop using the device.
  2. Next, locate the appropriate Type-C cable and a power supply (A computer, a rechargeable battery, etc.)
  3. Plug the Type-C cable into the power supply and connect the other end to the IGET Rock vape.
  4. Once the device is successfully connected to the power supply, the LED will flash 15-20 times.
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