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what is the jd sticker on IGET Bar

What Is The JD Sticker On The IGET Bar?

Hi there. Can anyone please tell me what is the JD sticker on the IGET Bar? I want to know more about this product before buying.

is there any IGET Bar health issue

Is There Any IGET Bar Health Issue?

I’m switching to e-cigarettes lately and want to try the IGET Bar. But I’m worried that it might affect my health. Can anyone answer my question?

Which IGET Bar Has Nicotine?

Which IGET Bar Has Nicotine?

I’m concerned about the nicotine content of IGET vapes. Can anyone tell me which IGET Bar contains nicotine? Thanks a lot!

Where Are IGET Bars Made?

Where Are IGET Bars Made?

The IGET Bar is so popular in Australia I’m curious as to where it’s made.

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